curved tempered glass

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curved tempered glass

        Curved tempered glass means that the original glass is heated in the flat tempering section after entering the flat-curved integrated tempering furnace. After reaching a certain temperature, it is quickly discharged from the furnace and enters the curved tempering section. The heated glass (temperature of 660-680℃) is formed by rollers in the curved and tempering section, and the air grille is blown and cooled, and finally becomes curved tempered glass.

      Substrate glass:clear,ultra-clear,tinted float glass,reflective glass,etc.

GOFAI GLASS can supply thickness:3mm、4mm、5mm、6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、15mm、19mm,etc.

GOFAI GLASS can produce max size:3660*18000mm.

GOFAI GLASS can supply type:Single curved, double curved, multi-curved.

GOFAI curved tempered glass features:

(1)high strength

The production method of curved tempered glass is the same as the production method of tempered glass. After heating, the glass is subjected to rapid cooling to generate compressive stress to enhance the strength of the glass. Therefore, curved tempered glass has the same strength design value as tempered glass, and its special shape makes it have better wind pressure resistance than tempered glass.


If the glass is broken, the obtuse-angled fine particles are not harmful to the human body.


It can meet the higher requirements of modern architectural designers for works. Beautiful appearance, curved surface shape, no connecting port in the middle, beautiful lines., Its smooth streamline realizes the perfect transition from plane curtain wall to arc shaped glass curtain wall, making the glass curtain wall building more beautiful, smooth and natural.

GOFAI curved tempered glass applications:

Building interior and exterior decoration, doors and windows, curtain walls, daylighting roofs, sightseeing elevators, arched corridors, glass furniture, glass counters, aquariums, etc.

GOFAI GLASS, customer-oriented, serves the world.

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