Wired glass

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Wired glass

Wired glass is a kind of safety glass produced by rolling process. The rolled metal wire mesh is unfolded by the mesh supply device, and then sent into the middle of the molten glass through a special process. Along with the molten glass, it is rolled by the upper and lower calender rolls, and then it is embedded in the glass to make " "Reinforced concrete" type of wired glass.  The shape of the wire mesh grid in wired glass is generally square or diamond. Wired glass is generally divided into two types, one is the wire glass whose glass surface is the same as that of ordinary patterned glass, and the other is the smooth and flat surface of the glass on both sides, which is also called polished wired glass.

GOFAI wired glass offers privacy , certain fire proof, certain security ,throughout the building.

(1)    Has a certain fire resistance. In the event of a fire, when the wired glass is heated and bursts, due to the fixing effect of the metal mesh, it can still be kept in a fixed state, which can play a role in isolating the fire.

(2)    Has a certain degree of security. When subjected to shocks and violent vibrations, the glass fragments are still fixed on the metal mesh and will not cause damage to people.

(3)    Has the same decorativeness as ordinary patterned glass.

Thickness GOFAI GLASS can supply: 6mm,6.6mm,8mm,10mm.

GOFAI GLASS can supply colors: clear,grey,bronze,etc.

GOFAI GLASS can supply patterns: Nashiji, flat,etc.

GOFAI GLASS can customize the production according to the pattern designed by the customer.


Package:plywood wooden case


It is suitable for all kinds of places, such as windows,doors,shopping malls, patitions,workshops, warehouses, basements, parking lots, smoke barrier ,etc., which integrate the requirements of fire prevention, riot (fall), earthquake prevention, and lighting privacy and decoration, smoke barrier.

GOFAI glass, customer-oriented, serves the world.

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