The new silver mirror production line is completed

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The new silver mirror production line is completed

  Our new silver mirror production line, after a period of debugging, all parameters meet the design requirements. It will be officially put into production tomorrow. This line can produce ordinary silver mirror, copper-free mirror, and painted glass.

What is silver mirror?

  Silver mirror, using high-quality float glass as the raw sheet, followed by pure water cleaning and polishing, spraying sensitization, silver coating, copper coating, the first corrosion-resistant paint coating and drying, the second waterproofing paint coating and drying. Imported waterproof protective paint is adopted, and the mirror back paint is corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant and waterproof.


GOFAI silver mirror adopts the highest grade original float glass, the back paint adopts the Italian FENZI, and the key materials such as reducing agent adopt imported brands, and the quality control is strict. Therefore, the product quality has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.


GOFAI silver mirror has higher reflectivity, better optical performance. mirror image is more clear and lifelike, soft and comfortable. the effect of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance is better. Easy to be processed, can be cut, edge processed, acid etched ,laminated,safety back coated,etc.

Back of the mirror can be sprayed with text and logos specified by customer.

The color of the mirror depends on the color of the float glass. We can supply clear, ultra-clear,euro bronze, golden bronze, Ford-blue, dark blue, euro grey, dark grey, blue grey, F-green,dark green, pink. Etc.

Thickness GOFAI can supply:2mm-10mm. most commonly produced thicknesses are 2 mm -6 mm.

Size:1220*915mm; 1830*1220mm; 2200*1650mm; 2250*1650mm; 2440*1830mm; 3300*2140mm; 3300*2250mm; 3300*2440mm;3660*2140mm; 3660*2250mm; 3660*2440mm. etc. special size can be customized.

Package:plywood wooden case


It is widely used in bathroom mirrors, full-length mirrors, wall mirrors, partition,furniture, solar energy and other fields.

GOFAI glass, customer-oriented, serves the world.

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