Technical transformation of NO.2 silver mirror line

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Technical transformation of NO.2 silver mirror line

  After 1 week, NO.2 line of our silver mirror production line, most of the work sections, were completely enclosed and transformed. In the enclosed space, the simultaneous installation of dust removal and dehumidification equipment has been completed and successfully operated. After the technical transformation, NO.2 line effectively solved the factors that may affect the production quality of silver mirrors, such as dust, flying insects or condensation.

  All our silver mirror production lines use high-quality mirror-grade float glass, and the protective paint for the back of the mirror adopts Italian FENZI paint. Quality control is guided by ISO9001 and strictly controls product quality.

  Color:clear, ultra-clear,euro-bronze, golden bronze, Ford-blue, dark blue ,euro-grey, dark grey,F-green,pink. etc.


  Regular size: 1220*1830mm,1830*2440mm,2134*3300mm,2134*3660,2440*3660mm etc.

  It is widely used in bathroom mirrors, full-length mirrors, wall mirrors, partition,furniture, solar energy and other fields.

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