Solar patterned glass

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Solar patterned glass

Solar patterned glass, also called solar cover glass or solar low-iron patterned glass, is a kind of ultra-clear patterned glass, but with a special surface pattern, it is specially used for greenhouse and solar photovoltaics(PV) modules.

GOFAI Solar patterned glass offers higher transmittance,lower reflection ,higher solar effect for greenhouse and photovoltaic modules.

GOFAI Solar patterned glass features:

(1)    The surface pattern is in the shape of prism and pyramid, which increases the internal reflection effect, reduces the directional reflection of the glass, and improves the sunlight transmittance.

(2)    After the anti-reflective coated, the transmittance can be better improved and the absorption of sunlight energy can be increased.

(3)    After tempered, low spontaneous breakages, efflorescence resistance, hailstones resistance and impact resistance.

Thickness GOFAI GLASS can supply: 3.2mm,4mm,5mm,6mm.

GOFAI GLASS can supply patterns: Nashiji,Mistlite, Solarifier-s, Solarifier-d, etc.

GOFAI GLASS can customize the production according to the pattern designed by the customer.


Package:plywood wooden case


Mainly used in greenhouse and solar photovoltaic(PV) modules.

GOFAI glass, customer-oriented, serves the world.

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