Patterned glass loading

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Patterned glass loading

Plywood wooden case,4mm,1830*2440, clear Aqualite patterned glass loaded into container,exported to Canada.

What is patterned glass?

Patterned glass also known as textured glass/rolled glass, is a kind of flat glass manufactured by calendering method. Before the glass is hardened, a patterned roller is used to emboss patterns on one or both sides of the glass to form a patterned embossing on one or both sides.

Because the surface has various patterns with unevenness and different depths, it will diffuse when light passes through. Therefore, when you look at the object on the other side from one side of the patterned glass, the object image will be blurred and it has light transmission. The non-perspective feature greatly improves privacy. In addition, because of the different colors and patterns, it also has a good artistic decoration effect.

GOFAI patterned glass offers privacy and style throughout the building. All are available toughened or laminated for safety and security. All are suitable for double glazing.

Thickness GOFAI can supply:3mm-10mm. most commonly produced thicknesses are 4 mm and 5 mm.

If you need replacement glass to match an existing design, don’t worry, the following well-established designs are still available.

We can supply more than 60 patterns: Aqualite, Bamboo, Baroque, Bubble, Chinchilla, Cobble, Crystal, Diamond, Dragonlite, FernliteII, Flame, Floral, Flora, Flutelite, Galaxy, Golden Fish, Granite, Helix, Hibiscus, Hitchcross, JY flower, Jinbisha,Karatachi, Kasumi, Koi fish,Leaves, Leaves-S,Light ripple, Long stripe,Maple Leaf, Mascot, Masterlite,May Flower, Millennium, Mistlite, Moru, Music, Nappelite, Nashiji, Nashiru, Netlite, Oceanic, Pearl-S, Pyramids, Rain, Rococo, Satinlite, Showerlite, Silesia, Wanji, Water Cube, Water, Wood , etc.

We can customize the production according to the pattern designed by the customer.


Package:plywood wooden case


Doors,Windows,Domestic and commercial partition, Walling,Furniture,New and replacement windows,Shower screens, glass shutter, glass lampshade, etc.

GOFAI glass, customer-oriented, serves the world.

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