Online solar control coated glass

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Online solar control coated glass

1.Online solar control coated glass (also called online reflective ,hard-coated and heat-reflective glass), this product uses chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating process in the tin bath to coat one or more layers of metal compound film on the surface of high-quality float glass. The main function of the film is to press The required proportion controls the reflection, transmission and absorption of direct solar radiation, and produces the required reflection color and high-performance heat insulation effect. It is an ideal building decoration material and is widely used in building doors, windows and curtain walls.

2.Color:Clear,Ford blue,dark blue, F-green,dark green,euro-bronze,golden bronze ,pink,euro-grey,crystal grey,dark grey,etc.


4.Normal size: 1830x2440mm,2134x3300mm,2134x3660mm, 2250x3300mm,2250*3660mm,2440*3300mm,2440*3660 etc. Other size can be customized.


(1)Effectively limit the incident amount of solar radiation, the shading effect is obvious, and the heat insulation performance is good.

(2)Ideal visible light transmittance and reflectance, weaken the transmittance of ultraviolet light.

(3)The film is hard and integrated with glass; stable performance and long storage time.

(4)The coated film will not be oxidized, so can be used as a single piece., like ordinary glass, it can be edged, silk screen printed, tempered, laminated and other deep processing.


Doors, windows, partition, curtain wall and other fields.

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