Magenta Richy Patterned Glass

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Magenta Richy Patterned Glass

Express your individual style while allowing maximum light into your home with Decorative Glass. Our range of traditional and contemporary styles has been strengthened by the addition of GOFAI GLASS– inspired by the latest trends. The new, expanded range gives you the ability to maintain privacy providing the optimum blend of form and function.

    All the designs in the GOFAI Glass collection have a matt appearance witha smooth and durable surface to provide a guaranteed uniform surface finish,ideally suited for use in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications:

Ultra Clear Patterned Glass 8mm and 10mm Thick 4500*2000mm Size

Patterned Glass / Texture Glass / Rolled Figured Glass / Cathedral Glass

(1) Kitchen & bathroom splashbacks

(2) Kitchen cupboards

(3) Displays and balustrades

(4) Domestic and commercial partition

(5) Walling. For example ensuites, loft

(6) Conversions and office screening

(7) Furniture

(8) Doors

(9) New and replacement windows

(10) Shower screens

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