Low Iron Ultra Clear Float Glass 12mm Thick 3300*5100mm Size

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Low Iron Ultra Clear Float Glass 12mm Thick 3300*5100mm Size

           Low Iron Ultra Clear Float Glass has the following advantages compared to ordinary clear float glass:

◆Excellent transparency: its light transmittance is greater than that of conventional glass, in particular when using extra thick substrates or assemblies

◆High neutrality in transmittance: optimized colour rendering and contrast .The colours of objects remain vivid and natural. This quality is very important in applications such as display cases in museums and jewellers etc .

◆Virtually colourless: when used in thick configurations (for example :Golden Faith laminated glass),the use of extra clear glass results in a virtually colourless product .The green tinge ,inherent of ordinary clear float and more noticeable in greater thickness ,is substantially reduced.

◆Brightness and depth :without the green reflection along the edge of the glass , Golden Faith clear low-iron glass produces a particularly bright ,true colour when used the manufacture of lacquered or enameled glass (for example: Lacquered glass, silk-screened glass, tempered glass, mirror glass ).This quality is especially evident when white lacquer or enamel is used.


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