Glass Staircase Low Iron Bent-tempered Laminated Glass

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Glass Staircase Low Iron Bent-tempered Laminated Glass




Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass with one or more layers of organic polymer interlayer film between them. After a special high-temperature pre-pressing (or vacuuming) and high-temperature and high-pressure process, the glass and the interlayer are made permanent. Composite glass products bonded together.

根据中间膜的熔点不同,可分为:低温夹层玻璃、高温夹层玻璃;According to the different melting points of the interlayer film, it can be divided into: low temperature laminated glass, high temperature laminated glass

根据中间所夹材料不同,可分为:夹植物、夹丝布、夹绢布、夹金属丝网等众多种类;According to the different materials in the middle, it can be divided into many types: plants, silk cloth, spun cloth, metal wire mesh, etc.;

根据夹层间的粘接方法不同,可分为:湿法夹层玻璃、干法夹层玻璃、中空夹层玻璃;According to the different bonding methods between the laminated layers, it can be divided into: wet laminated glass, dry laminated glass, hollow laminated glass

根据夹层的层类不同,可分为:一般夹层玻璃和防弹玻璃。According to the different types of laminated layers, it can be divided into: general laminated glass and bulletproof glass.

执行的质量标准Quality Standard




CE EN12150

GB/T 15761.4-2009,GB/T 15763.2-2009,GB 15763.3-2009,GB/T 15763.4-2009

2、胶片种类 interlayer :EVA, PVB, SGP, PU, etc.


In addition, there are some special decorative and functional laminated glass such as laminated glass with embedded decorative parts (metal mesh, metal plate, etc.), laminated glass with embedded PET material.

3、胶片颜色interlayer color:

(1)EVA/PVB---clear,translucent,white,blue,grey,green,bronze,colors according customers need.


4、胶片厚度 interlayer thickness:


PVB-0.38mm, 0.76mm and multiples of 0.38 mm thickness


5、玻璃基片substrate glass:float glass、patterned glass, tempered glass、Low-E glass、reflective glass,silk screen printed glass,digital printed glass,acid etched glass, mirror,etc.

6、尺寸:max size:3660*18000mm.

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