Euro Grey Dark Grey Crystal Grey Blue Grey tinted glass are in production

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Euro Grey Dark Grey Crystal Grey Blue Grey tinted glass are in production

         Tinted glass, also known as body colored glass, is a kind float glass of different colors produced by adding a small amount of metal oxides of different materials to the glass composition. Tinted glass can present different colors and can change the transmission of solar energy, but it will not change the basic characteristics of the glass. It has the characteristics of low ultraviolet transmittance and good shading effect. Because of its gorgeous colors, it also has a good decorative effect.

       Available colour:  

Ford Blue float glass,  Dark Blue float glass,  Crystal Blue Float Glass

French Green float glass, Dark Green float glass

Euro Bronze float glass, Golden Bronze float glass

Euro Grey float glass, Blue-Grey float glass, Dark Grey float glass,Crystal Grey Float Glass,

Black glass,Pink float glass,Golden Yellow float glass,

adn so on are in production. 

Normal thickness: 3mm-12mm

Normal size:1830x2440mm,2134x3300mm,2134x3660mm,2250*3210mm,2250x3300mm,

2250*3660mm,2440*3300mm, 2440*3660mm and jumbo size3300*5100mm.

They can be curved, tempered or heat strengthened, silk-screened, laminated, coating, mirror making and other processed.

GOFAI glass, customer-oriented, serves the world.

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