Brief introduction of low iron glass

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Brief introduction of low iron glass

一、Ultra-clear glass is also named lower iron glass, extra-clear glass or optically clear glass. Iron content is only 1/10 or even lower than ordinary glass. It is a new type of high-quality, multi-functional, high-end float glass with a light transmittance of over 91.5%.


Normal size:2134x3300mm,2134x3660mm,2250*3210mm,2250x3300mm,2250*3660mm,2440*3300mm,2440*3660mm.

Jumbo size according order quantity, now we can produce 12mm thick, size 3300*22600mm.


1、It has a higher transmittance. The visible light transmittance is close to 92%, which is 6% higher than that of clear float glass.

2、Compared with other float glass of the same thickness, the spontaneous breakages rate after tempered is lower and the safety is higher.

3、Has a low UV transmittance compare with ordinary glass.


Unprocessed, it can be directly used for laminated, mirror making and coating, etc.

After one or more processes such as cutting, edging, mirror making, coating, tempered, laminated, acid etched, etc., it can be widely used in interior and exterior decoration of the buildings, furniture, appliances, electronical panel, Showcases, PV module,Flat solar collector and other fields.

Our low iron glass production line uses PPG technology and equipment, high-quality raw materials, so our low iron glass quality is very good.

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