13000*3000mmm Size Insulated Glass Curtain

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13000*3000mmm Size Insulated Glass Curtain


       An IGU consists of two or more panels of glass separated by an air space with a spacer around the perimeter. The spacer contains a desiccant which eliminates moisture in the cavity. The combination of the two panels of glass and trapped air is what makes the IGU a superior energy efficient method of glazing. The whole unit is hermetically assembled by a double barrier sealant.

An IGU with a Low-E coating effectively enhances performance. The heat insulation effect could be further improved if Argon or other special gases are filled in the cavity,we adopted a fully automated production line for IGUs, which includes automatic coating deleting, cleaning, spacer bending, gas filling and sealing.


1.Anti-condensation resistance:according to national standard, hollow glass dew point must be below -, hollow glass air layer absolute guarantee dry non-condensing.

2.Noise reduction :General hollow glass can reduce noise 30-35 db or so, filling the argon and special gas can further improve the heat insulation and sound insulation performance.

3.Thermal insulation :Coated low-e film layer of insulating glass can more effectively block radiation heat energy .

Glass Curtain Wall, House Window
Biggest Size:3300*18000mm

Available Processing Glass: Clear Float Glass,Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass,

Reflective Glass, Low-E Glass, Tinted Glass

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